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Yeniseysk 400

Cultural events that were coincided with the Yeniseysk’s 400th anniversary celebration originated in its long history: from the period of foundation of the first town on the Yenisei River and its rise as a center of trade and gold mining, to our time and the restoration of Yeniseysk’s architectural legacy.

Comfortable and equipped public spaces, Yenisei tea houses, interactive playgrounds and photo locations were organized for citizens and guests of the town within the program of celebration. Outstanding performances of creative groups and soloists of the Krasnoyarsk region, the town of Yeniseysk and its outskirts were held on the small and main stages.

There were such expositions as "Museum of the Yenisei River", "Yeniseysk Fair", "Attributes of Orthodoxy on the Yenisei River", art project "Window Sashes", and many other cultural venues. Everyone could join the walk along the touristic route "Yeniseysk's Tableaux Vivants", which was based on informative theatrical reconstructions of past events. The route passed through the Male Gymnasium (presently the P. Kytmanov School № 1), the house of merchants F. Dementiev and P. Kytmanov, and ended at the estate of the merchant T. Savelyev.

During two days of celebration, the trade fair of decorative and applied arts and the venue "Yeniseysk cuisine" represented traditional culture of Yeniseysk residents.

In the morning of August 10, the Cross Procession began and passed from the Monastery of the Transfiguration of the Saviour to the Epiphany Cathedral. After that the ceremony of consecration of the Cathedral and the solemn liturgy were held. At the end of the Cross Procession, bells of all Orthodox churches of the Krasnoyarsk region started to ring.

The festive concert was opened at 16:19 p.m., the time that reflects the foundation date of Yeniseysk.

The best soloists and groups of the Krasnoyarsk region performed on the main stage: Nadezhda Samkova, Andrey Lugovskoy, Alexey Orlov, the Krasnoyarsk State Academic Dance Company of Siberia, the G. Petukhov Dance Company "Yeniseyskiye zori" ("Daybreaks of Yeniseysk"), the Folk Theater "Ladov den". Along with professional artists, amateur children’s and adult creative groups of the towns of Yeniseysk and Lesosibirsk took part in this event.

370 artists performed in the concert.

The second day of celebration ended with a concert of the guest artist and grandiose fireworks on the quay of the Yenisei River.

Photo: Aleksandr Paniotov
Video: Denis Ivanov, Pavel Rezakov
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