Tomato Day in Minusinsk

Event of the regional level

The most delicious and biggest tomatoes are grown in Minusinsk and its countryside area. Locally grown tomatoes are desired and adored by Siberians. People have been growing tomatoes here since the century before last. Such tomato growing passion developed into a grand event of the regional level in 2004.

Over ten thousand visitors are attracted by the Tomato Day annually. They come from different places of the Krasnoyarsk region, Khakassia and other territories. There are many reasons why people love coming here. One of them is to present and sell their amazing vegetables. Some people come to share their farming experience or to participate in the creative program of the festival. People also come here to purchase famous Minusinsk tomatoes, homemade pickled vegetables and craftsmen’s products. Open air celebrations and delicious food are the main reasons to come to Minusinsk!

Traditionally, the tomato competition has always been held in the framework of this event. Here you can hardly find a tomato less than 1.5 kg. The best record was 2 kg. 146 grams a few years ago and it has not been beaten yet. A competition winner gets a car as the main prize.

Due to COVID-19, in 2020 the award ceremony of the biggest tomato competition and the concert had to be held online, but the event didn’t lose its vividness and intensity. Organizers have managed to find new ingenious solutions regarding the festival’s visual image. The event’s rebranding has been planned for the 200th anniversary celebration of Minusinsk, and it aims to attract a young generation and more visitors.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the Minusinsk Tomato Day!

Photo: Alexandr Paniotov
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