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International activity

An international cultural project generates expectations, hopes, impressions and bright emotions. For people of art the contests, festivals, exhibitions, workshops and discussion platforms are not just the possibilities to come into the spotlight. The international venues turn into the platforms for experience exchange, source for further personal growth, and art advancement. Due to the Center such projects become more accessible for the people of art of the Krasnoyarsk region as yearly we promote their participation in the events that are held in other regions, countries and continents, and we are proud of their achievements:

 — Golden Award of the Capriccio Choir at the World Choir Games in Austria;
 — Special Prize "Hope of the Motherland" of virtuoso Andrey Bardin at the International Organ Competition in Kaliningrad;
 — "Silver Leo" award of the "Jazz Ballet of Valery Tereshkin" at the Jazz Dance World Congress in Mexico;
 — Acknowledgement of Krasnoyarsk artists in France at the International Art Plein Air;
 — performing of writers Mikhail Streltsov and Mikhail Tarkovsky at the international literature festivals;
 — Audience Choice Award to the Dance Company "Evolvers" at the Experimental Dance Festival in the Netherlands;
 — Guest performances of the music and dance ensembles of the Krasnoyarsk region and the Great Patriotic Concert for the Russian military by the legendary Krasnoyarsk band "Yakhont" in Syria.

Inspired by the success of the artists the employees of the Center do all their best to ensure that every resident of the Krasnoyarsk region can become a part of the cultural world either as a grateful spectator, an emerging participant, a welcoming host or a cultural ambassador of the native region. We organize events, invite experts, help to establish partnerships so that upon the projects are completed the cultural cooperation between its participants continues and brings generous results.

Thus at the Krasnoyarsk International Music Festival of the Asia-Pacific region LaFrae Sci, the US composer and conductor, had the idea for establishing a transnational big band in Krasnoyarsk. This challenging project has united aspiring and professional musicians in a classical-jazz orchestra. The experiment was a success and the "Youth Big Band" got its development at another event organized by the Center — the International Festival of World Music and Crafts "WORLD of Siberia".

One more example of fruitful collaboration is the organizing of the performance of the French street theater REMUE MENAGE as part of the Winter Universiade-2019 Cultural program. The fabulous street parade of the gigantic polar bears attracted an incredible number of spectators and impressed not only the citizens and guests of Krasnoyarsk but the artists as well. We helped European actors to discover Siberia and a few months later they gladly came back to Krasnoyarsk with a new show program.

Many cultural events have been conducted in the Krasnoyarsk region due to collaboration of the Center with the embassies of foreign countries. Among such events are

 — Days of Sweden and Mexico;
 — showing the performance of the German theater of modern choreography co>labs "Flight at the height, or Why cry?!" with support of the Goethe Institute;
 — the concert of the French jazz group "Rimendo";
 — the International Chamber Music Festival "Window to Switzerland" and the concert of the Moscow ensemble "Telemann Consort Moscow" featuring the world famous Swiss flutist Felix Renggli;
 — participation of singers Aglae Mercado (Colombia), Morgane Ji (France), ethno-jazz-funk group "Quarter to Africa" (Israel), yoga master Savita Harish and dance teacher Ashish Kathak (India) in the festival "WORLD of Siberia".

This is not a complete list. We promise the most interesting is ahead!
Photo: Alexandr Paniotov
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