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85-year Anniversary of the Krasnoyarsk region

Solemn meeting and celebratory concert
The Yenisei River is the keeper of centuries-old traditions, that unites different religions, cultures, and ways of life. All peoples who live on its banks cherish their cultural heritage. Yenisei's stream feeds, inspires and carries us into the future. Cities are growing, and so do new generations- CHILDREN OF THE YENISEI RIVER.

85-year anniversary of the Krasnoyarsk region was celebrated on December 6, 2019 at the Ivan Yarygin Palace of Sports. More than three thousand people who dedicated their lives to the Krasnoyarsk region - outstanding agricultural workers, cultural workers, teachers, doctors and workers of the largest industrial facilities came to the solemn meeting from different towns and districts.

The Presidential Plenipotentiary Envoy to the Siberian Federal District Sergey Menyailo and the Governor of the Krasnoyarsk region Alexander Uss congratulated residents of the Krasnoyarsk region, and presented to them state awards of the Russian Federation.

The anniversary concert program included 13 historical sketches about the region, its peoples and natural resources. Best ensembles and bands of the Krasnoyarsk region (including ones from Evenkia and Taimyr) and the republics of Khakassia and Tuva, took part in the concert.
- Actors of the Pushkin Krasnoyarsk Drama Theater
- G. Petukhov Dance Company "Yeniseyskiye zori" ("Daybreaks of Yeniseysk")
- Evenk folk song and dance company "Osiktakan" ("Small Star")
- Folk dance ensemble "Razdolye" (Freedom)
- Children contemporary art theater "Etti Deti" ("These Children")
- Krasnoyarsk band "Yakhont" ("Ruby")
- Soloists: Nadezhda Samkova, Nadezhda Karmaeva, Anastasia Vishnevskaya, Elizaveta Tarakanova, Aleksey Orlov, Mikhail Kirillov, Andrey Lugovskoy, Monge Mongush (khoomei singer)
- Combined choir of the Krasnoyarsk region. Chief Choirmaster: Dmitry Hodosh
- Siberian State Symphony Orchestra. Artistic Director and Principal Conductor: Vladimir Lande
- Students of the Military Engineering Institute of Siberian Federal University. Commander of the honor guard: lieutenant colonel K. N. Ostapchuk
- Ensemble of the Russian MIA General Administration for the Krasnoyarsk region "Golosa Yeniseya" ("Voices of the Yenisei River")
- Show ballet "Dolche"
- Band "Dunya"
- Folk dance company "Molodost Yeniseya" ("Yenisei's Youth")
- Dance company "Yeniseyskiye uzory" ("Yenisei's Patterns")
- Tuvinian national song and dance company "Sayany" ("Sayan Mountains")
- Khakass folk song and dance company "Zharky" ("Siberian globeflowers")
- Choreographic studio "Zhar Ptitsa" ("the Firebird")
- Artists of the Dmitri Hvorostovsky Krasnoyarsk State Opera and Ballet Theatre. Leading actor: Yuriy Kudryavtsev
- Students of the Krasnoyarsk Choreographic College. Soloist: Alexandra Kozlova
- Sevastyan Martynyuk, a soloist of the Dmitri Hvorostovsky Krasnoyarsk State Opera and Ballet Theatre
- Siberian male choir of the Cultural and Historical Center "Uspensky". Artistic Director: Albert Tereshenko
- Dmitry Syromolotov, a reciter
- Vladimir Abakanovsky, an artist of the Pushkin Krasnoyarsk Drama Theater. Accompaniment (grand piano): Alisa Sheenok
- Leonid Zhukovsky, the duet "Juliett Duet" and violin ensemble (combined)
- Contemporary dance studio "Ekspressiya" ("Expression")
- Dance theater "Calypso"
- Air theater "Bastrigin Brothers". Director: Vitaly Bastrygin
- Klara Polukhina and the folk theater "Ladov den'"
- Bardin Krasnoyarsk Philharmonic Russian Orchestra. Director and Conductor: Valery Shelepov
- Taimyr folk ensemble "Heiro"
- Classical dance company "Kedrovie oreshki" (Pine Nuts)
- Student dance ensemble "Adastra"
- Dance company "Krasnoyarsk Youth"
- Honored folk dance company of the Russian Federation – the dance theater "Orlyonok" (Eaglet)
- Krasnoyarsk State Academic Dance Company of Siberia
- Sportsmen of the Krasnoyarsk region
- Cheerleading team "Red Yar"
- Cheerleading team "Bez granits" ("Unlimited")
- Cheerleading team of the basketball club "Yenisei" – "Playtime"
- Cheerleading team of the hockey club "Sokol" – "Eny dance"
- Variety and jazz dance studio Show Time
- Dancing group "Myata" ("Mint")
- Vocal ensemble "Zvezdniy Dozhd" ("Meteor Shower")
- Harleen Joker's dance studio
- Volunteers of the Winter Universiade 2019
Interactive photo zones, the photo exhibition "Yenisei Siberia", and exhibitions dedicated to the region's history and its achievements were held for guests of the event at the lobby of the Ivan Yarygin Palace of Sports. On the third floor was organized the gallery where guests could get familiar with facts about such prominent figures of the Krasnoyarsk region as Mikhail Godenko, Pyotr Slovtsov and Luka Voino-Yasenetsky.
The event was held on December 6, 2019
Photo: Sergey Chivikov, Aleksandr Paniotov, Mikhail Maklakov, Dmitry Shtifonov, Alexey Kapolov
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